Futbol Lingo – Club Services

Over the past 30-years football has become a truly global sport. Since the start of the Premier League in 1992, over 100+ nations have been represented with over 59.7% of players currently from overseas (as of 02-03-23). Throughout Europe’s top divisions this trend continues with foreign talent making up between 39-59% of the player pool.

As a result, clubs are looking for innovative solutions to help them overcome the language barrier & maximise their chances of on-field success.

At Futbol Lingo, we help professional football clubs, academies and other player development environments face linguistic challenges through a range of services detailed below.

Our mission is to #ConnectTheWorldofFootball, let us start by connecting your dressing room and creating linguistic alignment throughout your club or organisation.

What we offer

Pro Package (Multi-User Club Licence)

Our Pro Package (Multi-User Club Licence) is a bespoke club-branded product tailored around the football clubs needs and budget. Need a new signing to pick up new language quickly? Would your coaching team benefit from learning Futbol Lingo? Sending a player on loan abroad? Or do you want to promote language learning to increase the employability skills of your academy players in the future? Whether you need 5, 50 or 500 users to access our football-specific language learning content, we cater to your clubs’ unique requirements.

A Multi-User Club Licence would allow the club to provide their first team & academy staff with access to the app's features and functionality. With a plethora of football specific terminology and phrases, bi-lingual session & match-day planners, as well as an interactive quiz, Futbol Lingo provides a user-friendly and autonomous language learning option to football clubs – in addition to traditional usage of translators & language tutors.

So if you are a multi-lingual first team, an international football academy & education programme or a forward thinking youth development programme we want to work with you. Contact us for more information & a branded, club demo.

‘Football Language’ Workshops & Events

If Europe’s top divisions are made up of 40-60% talent from overseas – why are we not doing more to promote the learning of languages?

At Futbol Lingo we believe football can be used as a vehicle to inspire a generation of linguists. And so we offer bespoke workshops and events to help create a unique personal development experience for players and coaches within football clubs.

From guest speaking to interactive ‘football-language workshops’, our unique events provide an engaging and poignant experience, which will inspire a generation of linguists.

A guest-speaking talk could include;

  • Our language learning journey
  • Tales of language learning creating opportunities
  • The global game – showing how significant language skills are within football.
  • Players & managers within the game & languages spoken.
  • How language learning can transform your career
  • Tips on how to get started
  • & more

An interactive workshop or staff CPD event could include;

  • Classroom-based activities
  • Futbol Lingo’s learning resources
  • Eye opening video clips
  • Engaging quizzes, games and team-building activities
  • Group discussions / Q&A
  • Opportunities to learn football language from around the world
  • Our pioneering events/workshops can be tailored to the requirements of your club / organisation. To discuss your needs & budget, please get in contact today.