Futbol Lingo for Education

At Futbol Lingo we know how vital learning additional languages are and believe that we can use of football as a tool to promote and teach languages, drive engagement in MFL We want to champion and highlight the importance of speaking different languages and how impactful they can be. Our mission is to not just #ConnectTheWorldofFootball, but to use football as a vehicle to inspire a a generation of future linguists.

What we offer

Assemblies & Motivational talks

We do school visits during which we can talk to the students about the importance that languages have in the sport of football, as well as the football industry as a whole. This could be for any year group; It could be especially important in Year 9, before they choose their GCSE options or Year 10’s and 11’s who have have the aptitude and willingness to take their talent into further and maybe higher education. This could also be suitable for Further Education and Higher Education students at Sixth Form, College or University, who are close to entering the professional world.

An assembly or motivational talk will include stories and experiences from around the globe, involving languages and football - From underachieving and disengaged EAL pupil to traveling and seeing the world and working in professional football. Furthermore, the pupils will also learn about lots individuals in football who are multilingual as well as the vast range of careers and different occupations available in the industry, in which being able to speak more than one language would be extremely advantageous.

Although the visit is largely geared around football and the importance of languages within it, it is a great engagement tool with many cross curricular links to PE, Business, Science, Geography and many more, which can all be explored. So even if MFL isn’t one of your favourite subjects, a visit will still be enjoyable, with no requirement of any assumed knowledge of football.

Get in touch and see if we can meet your needs, help inspire light bulb moments in some of your pupils or students and open their minds to the many possibilities in the beautiful game.

Let us know what you’re looking for.

Classroom Sessions

We can come to your school and deliver a classroom based workshop around football and MFL. These classroom sessions usually last 60 minutes and can include activities with varied topics and content from the world of football, such as hosting the international competitions, press conferences, player liaison and so much more. Of course the content will be agreed in advance and differentiated according to ability.

With plenty of flexibility to suit school hours, the sessions can be delivered on any school day during term time. Materials and resources, including use of the Futbol Lingo App will be provided.

Football/Practical Sessions

Our practical sessions are fun, engaging and most highly informative. Packed with football specific terms and phrases from our Futbol Lingo App, the learners will get to practice their newly learned terms from the beautiful game in the target language, stay fit and have fun. Suitable for all ages, this is an enjoyable way to enthuse those that are not always receptive in the classroom.

These sessions are often used in conjunction with a classroom session and could be a great way to reward a group.

School Licence

Our school licence is a bespoke product tailored around the institutions needs and budget with as many or as little accounts made available for the students and staff to use at any time on a phone, tablet or computer. A school license would allow to provide students and staff with access to the app's features at school, at home or on the go. With 16 languages and counting, 38 chapters, over 1,600 football specific terms and phrases, it can be a valuable learning tool for institutions. Boasting a glossary of terms an interactive quiz, different cross curricular and subject links, as well as access to instructional videos and other resources, it can be incorporated into MFL lessons, allowing educators to use the app as a teaching tool. Something that can be used as an engagement tool for hard to reach students with a love for the game or EAL students with an interest in football. The Futbol Lingo App School Licence can help institutions to capture students’ imagination and inspire a generation of future linguists.